Acacia bark extract


The broccoli seed extract contains a large number of active substances such as glucoraphanin.

And the hydrolyzate of glucoraphanin (1-isothiocyanate-4-methanesulfonyl butane), also known as “sulforaphane“. It is an isothiocyanate obtained by hydrolysis of glucosinolates in plants by myrosinase.

As we all know, sulforaphane not only has strong anti-cancer activity, but also has strong antioxidant capacity. It is currently recognized as one of the natural products with anti-cancer, anti-cancer etc. The main sources of glucoraphanin are broccoli seeds and broccoli sprouts.

This article focuses on its role in boosting immunity and antioxidants.

New immunity

Broccoli seed extract- Enhancement of antiviral host defense responses through nutritional supplementation is an effective means of combating influenza. Studies have shown that the medicine with short-term ingestion of broccoli bud, can reduce markers of virus replication in nasal lavage cells.

This is because the homogenate of broccoli sprouts contains a high concentration of precursor sulforaphane. And it is the most potent activator of the body’s own immune system (Nrf2) pathway contained in food and has broad protective effects.

In vivo administration of broccoli sprout homogenate or supplementation in epithelial cells enhances antiviral host defense responses. Furthermore, in addition to its effects on airway epithelial cells. It can also affect immune cells, including enhanced bacterial clearance, and enhanced activity of natural killer (NK) cells.

Researchers have also systematically studied the protective mechanism of sulforaphane immune function. Studies have shown that sulforaphane has good immune-enhancing activity in both humoral and cellular immunity, and is a very good immune-protecting ag

Staying young

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University first applied broccoli extract to the backs of some volunteers and then exposed them to varying levels of UV radiation. As a result, volunteers exposure experienced a 37 percent reduction in the average degree of skin cell damage.

Scientists point out that the principle of chemical sunscreens is generally to absorb, block or disperse ultraviolet rays. The ingredients in broccoli not only has anti-cancer effects, but also helps to enhance the antioxidant capacity of human skin cells, thereby resisting ultraviolet rays. And preventing skin Aging keeps skin young


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Flavonoids, Ginkgolides



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Ginkgo Biloba Extract





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